Mass mailings performed through API.

SMS API integrates into your software in minutes and teach your application to automatically send and receive SMS.

  • Installs quickly and easily

    Implementing our advanced platform SMS API in your application, web or system. To do this you need to choose a protocol or delivery method.

  • Send and receive SMS

    Send and receive SMS in your application and facilitates communication with your customers.


  • manage subaccounts

    Creates and sets up sub-accounts, balance and controls assigns its consumption by API.

  • Balance inquiry number and validity

    Check the available balance in your account for the next shipments and omprueba if a mobile number is correct or not from the API.

  • Manage contacts

    Manage your address book in the cloud. Add contacts copying / pasting from Excel or CSV and create groups to better organize.

  • Detailed consumption control

    Now you can check real-time analytics and conduct strict monitoring by advanced tools offered by the platform. Show the confirmations of delivery of SMS sent and exports data quickly in XLS or CSV format.


How our SMS API work?

  • Integration

    Integra our SMS API and send SMS automatically.

  • Personalization

    Customize the message sender with SMS API. Customize the sender of the SMS messages you send with the SMS API simple and free.

  • Information

    Receive reports using the SMS API. With our API you can know at any time what the status of the SMS messages you send and view reports on the performance of your shipments.