The Christmas discounts and promotions and schedule them today!


The fourth quarter is for many companies a period of harvest. With seasonal promotions sales during this period are approximately 40% or 50% of benefit all year.

But for this to happen, we must inform customers SMS marketing uses. It is true that we still have time for Christmas, but today best day to be prepared to conduct a campaign of this kind.

Though the holiday advertising can be a stressful advertising it is effective stand marketers. Christmas is a perfect time to show your creativity and increase profits and strengthen their brands. Buying gifts boosts the purchasing process sale with the help respectively festive.


Black Friday is the same as the start of the holiday shopping season each year attracts stores up to 150 million Americans. Take advantage of the potential of this period in your business and increase your sales through a well-planned campaign.

Where do I start

Christmas marketing is based on the skillful manipulation of symbols. Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Bethlehem – are just a few elements introduced by the customer in the holiday spirit. The problem however is that they are ideal to design a Christmas card and do not always fit with SMS Marketing. The perfect symbol on which we can base his campaign short SMS text messages is a gift. The Christmas period encouraged to make gifts – at the same time it is a rather perplexed for our client process. If we solve this problem – we offer the perfect gift for your loved ones – will win the customer. If in addition we will offer the same gift – a 10% discount on the occasion of Christmas – not only solve your dilemma of giving their loved ones but the same client you will feel benefit for us.

Displays the Christmas spirit

A very important role in building Christmas spirit and therefore in sales growth have all sorts of ornaments in the windows in malls or on the web pages. Its main task is to put the customer in a festive atmosphere through visualization. A consumer who enters the shop (virtual or real) magically happens everyday to an idyllic world where Santa Claus or the Magi distribute gifts – away from the tension and stress of everyday life. It is important that we also try to introduce our customers in the same state. Man thinks with pictures, so be sure to simply offer this kind of quality images that will encourage you to buy our products.

A different approach

Text messages with Christmas greetings should interact emotionally, because they appeal to tradition, family values, love and the realization of dreams. If these treatments do not let you feel special, you should encourage to buy with discounts and promotions. Ensures the customer will get gift in your establishment (in the end the price is incomparable as above) this is a guarantee of success, as our client should surround gifts with characters ¨ ¨-50% and phrases like Take a Joy or fulfills the wishes of your loved ones


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