If you have a garage, you’re interested.

Did you know that SMS use for personal communication, are increasingly used as a powerful sales and marketing tool?

Marketing campaigns by text messages are economical, effective and immediate. Visit our website and try it for FREE without compromiso¨.La X9 effectiveness is multiplied against email campaigns. According to reports from various companies specialized in development and marketing of mobile phone, it reports that 98-99% of SMS are read and the CTR (click through rate) is calculated between 50% and 70%.

The use of SMS is a marketing channel and information for various purposes, from promotions of products or services, contests or events to advising the client on specific topics.

Do not forget that the SMS can be received without Internet, increasing its reach not only to the large percentage of public Smartphone but who still uses conventional devices.


Advantages for you and your garage.

  • I warn pickup repaired, so that the customer has his car quickly and bring the amount prepared.
  • Notify the next review pre-itv, customer’s loyalty more.
  • Bid campaigns or promotions (revision, tires …)
  • Confirm Appointment, leaving an easily recordable record for the customer.
  • Appointment remember, reducing the people who do not go forgotten.
  • Budget Report, repair or diagnosed to start work on the vehicle, avoiding misunderstandings breakdowns.
  • Providing quality service to customers with clear positive effect on the workshop’s image.
  • Remember outstanding payments.



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