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Appointment Reminders


  •  Good morning Mr. Perez, remember his laboratory in appointment H.FUND. ALCORCON, the 10/11/2015 at 09:05. To cancel / reschedule call 916219565.


  • Lucy recalls his appointment with the technician the day July 11, 2015 between 11-13, in the installation 548721. If you can not accommodate please call 900900900.


  • NIF * 838E * Training with commitment recruitment in Madrid. Car salesman leading company for automovilisto sector. If interested, send your CV to the email address formacion@gmail.com.


  • Good afternoon, Mr. Medina, remember your appointment with ITV day 20.12.2015 at 12:00 at Carabanchel 4. To cancel or change your appointment contact us. Regards.


  • Anabel Garcia, we remind you that you have an appointment with us for the day 05/13/2016 mouth care in the dental clinic that is in Arbutus Street 15. We hope.


  • Your bank notifies you that. Fernandez just made a transfer in the amount of $ 500 to your account **** 0438


  • The crisis is ending, you finally can get the best credit conditions. Call 800800800 May18


  • ” We have deactivated service temporarily hired us for outstanding amount to reactivate please contact Customer Service on 912 528 741 (9-22)


  • Please be advised that the process of low was successful. For more information contact the Service and indicate Low incidence Number of 125487. sorry


  • TRAVEL Info. As a special guest, we want to improve their partner! Now enjoy better coverage and pay less for your travels. Activate it by calling 902902902


Expiration of the payments


  • Good morning Mr. Fernandez, yesterday 12/03/2015 beat the deadline for paying your card, remember that being a day can enjoy more benefits


  • BANK: Perform income today before 16:30 to meet its outstanding due number 41458793 charge amounting $ 24.03. NO + SMS: LOW


  •  It is recalled that the deadlines for payment for contributions, for the period January 2015 05.05.2016 close the day


  • Remember that this February due date will be delayed so as not affecting the payment of your bill. For more information go to www.soluciones.com/125487


  • Good morning Mr. Sanchez, we inform you that has an outstanding debt to the value of $150 per repair made on the day 04/03/2014 in our workshop. Please rectify this situation at once

Deals & Offers


  • BLACK FRIDAY November 27, 2015 in our Spa. Up to 50% OFF. Do not miss it!!! See conditions http://bit.ly/BFnov1523


  • This Christmas approaches the 15% discount card and send SMS and use the promotional code offers OFERTA2 www.quesms.es


  • “YOUR STORE. Friday 11/27/2015 come and see us. 25% discount on all clothing store. Code online promotion. Muestralo in the box and you apply it.


  • The 20% promo code expires today. Take advantage now, www.tutienda.com access your account and enter the code to your basket HELLO!


  • “Seize now the welcome offer. TUTIENDA: use the code 458712 and enjoy 30% discount. Hurry, the promo ends in 7 days!


Bookings & orders


  • Your book (number 25789456123) is confirmed. Use the code 8256 to consult our app www.losmejoresviajes.com/1265845795b124


  • Buy Online TUTIENDA informs you that your order is on its way. We reach a maximum of 30 minutes. Customer Service Telephone 902902902


  •  Welcome Claudia, your verification code is 215 487


  • We inform you that your request on 2015-158-164 has been reactivated and sent to your home


  • NOW will deliver before 19 SENDING OF 03/06/2014 74589