Ask a massive marketing campaign and customize SMS is now easy.

  • Address book

    Imported from a spreadsheet or create your contacts one by one to send messages more conveniently and safely. Also create different groups of contacts by affinities or town, to send mass messages quickly and intuitively.

  • Personalization

    We have a leading market, comprehensive tool allows any company or association immediately send personalized text messages to anyone. The SMS messages contain two parts: the sender name and the message body.

  • Information

    With this feature you can track in real time of each text message you send with an accuracy of 100%. We inform you when a message has been received, the date and time it was received. Watch your statistics and analyzes the results!

  • Quickly and without facilities

    Send your SMS messages from any device anywhere or use our advanced platform. You just need an internet connection. You can also send SMS from your email and applications. Check the speed of our service.

  • links

    You can send links to any website with our automated tool to create short links, ie, an abbreviated version of the link that lets you save space in your text message. Also, you can track in real time which of your recipients click on the link.

  • Quality and international coverage

    Quality is our main goal. Shipments through real-time direct connections with operators available to any country with the best price guarantee.

  • Integration

    Easy integration with applications through our API. Send SMS messages from their web site or CRM application.

Send and receive SMS online

Do you have company? Contact your customer loyalty and SMS Marketing. What! Message will help build a useful base, through which come to increase sales.

Our advanced platform allows you to send and receive SMS via internet easily and quickly or through API that allows you to automate sending SMS from your systems. Integration is simple, no matter what programming language you use, we can help. Send SMS in seconds – that simple!


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John runs a kart track in Madrid. Without installing any application accesses the Que! SMS platform through which used to inform customers about discounts and promotions. In this way suggests its customers the idea of spending free time and family. Thanks to the massive sending their cars are not empty.

What about you as you use That! sms?

  • SMS is more effective than email

    A SMS arrives. Always! We all know that email does not always reach the recipient. The messages often end up in the SPAM tray. In the world of SMS does not exist.

    A SMS is read. Immediately! There are many emails that nobody opens. We leave you to read later and then … forget. An SMS is read immediately after receiving it.

    A SMS is understandable. To everyone! is 160 characters. It should be simple and clear. The email contains a lot of unnecessary content that nobody has time to read.

  • Because it is simple and intuitive

    We send SMS and we all know each one of us knows how. So why the service for companies should be more complicated? Our panel looks like a smartphone screen. You choose the number of the person or group of people you want to send a message, introduce content and send. Can not make it simple and intuitive .

  • Designed for small businesses

    There are many companies which offer bulk SMS, but the platform is very spacious with lots of options that are difficult to handle. You! SMS is adapted with a simple tool for micro and small enterprises . The intuitive operation makes no training, immediately after logging in, each is able to prepare and submit any information or advertising campaign.